I have been a student of yoga for 20 years; much of that has been DIY yoga: finding old books and videos and teaching myself pranayama (breathwork), meditation and asana (physical postures).  Ironically, I began yoga as a way to quit smoking cigarettes. My time on the mat introduced me to an inner stillness and knowing that has been one of my greatest teachers over the years.  

For many years I worked in the world of birth, providing out-of-hospital midwifery services and well-woman care for families throughout southeastern Michigan. My time as a midwife solidified this innate feeling that we all are very capable of great and wonderful things if we surround ourselves with compassionate, supportive people who create a safe space for our natural unfolding and growth.

As a midwife, I always strove to empower women to tap into their internal strength (tapas, in yoga-speak) to move through the transitions of bringing forth new life. There is a fantastic line in the Tao of Woman (Metz & Tobin, 1995) pertaining to the midwife's job: When the child is born, the Mother will rightly say, I did this myself.


As a yoga instructor, I want to create a safe space for every student to move through their own transitions with support and guidance, but at the end of each practice they will rightly say, I did this myself. 

I begin nearly every practice reminding people that they should listen to their bodies over my voice. I encourage folks to find the line between effort and ease (sthira and sukha​), to stay connected to the breath and to always remember they are stronger than they know. 

I laugh a lot. I laugh while teaching yoga and encourage others to do the same. There is time to honor all emotions in our practice.
If you are looking for deep quotes and intense revelations, I'm not going to deliver. 
If you love really loud music in your yoga class combined with "flow on your own" movement, I am not your teacher.
I believe in giving you instruction (since I am a teacher). If you have come for a class, I will teach for the duration of the class. If you do your own thing in class, I'll hold that space for you unless you are hugely distracting other practitioners. 

I am not heavy on physical adjustments as I firmly believe we should only touch another person when they've given us consent to do so. I give students plenty of time and verbal cues to comprehend a posture, and will not ever force a person's body to make a shape it's not getting into on it's own.

As for background and designations: I took my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga4Peace in 2012. I've been teaching full-time ever since, and I am currently now an ERYT200. I have also co-created and co-teach a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Jessie Lipkowitz, ERYT200 and owner of aUM Yoga Ann Arbor. I adore teaching, and find that my greatest teachers are my students.

Life off the Mat...

I'm the mother of three lovely children and the wife to my sweet husband of many years.

I love to grow and cook my own food.

I love coffee and dark chocolate.

I find the human body fascinating.

I've always been an autodidact- due to life circumstances and an intense desire to learn.  

I like to teach donation-based yoga classes, so if you have a cause and need a teacher, hit me up!